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1 : Horse Hair Fiber

  • Origin is the Manes and Tails of Horses
  • Tales Produce the Stiffer Grade, Manes the Softer
  • Primarily produced in the U.S., S. America, Canada, Australia, and China

Primary Uses: Pushbooms, Concrete Finishing Brooms, Counter Dusters. Horse Hair fiber is exceptional for cleaning fine dust particles.

2 : Tampico Fiber

  • Origin is the Argava Lechuguilla Cactus, Which Grows Wild in Mexico
  • Available in it's Natural Cream Color, as well as Dyed Colors

Primary Uses: Pushbrooms, Counter Dusters, and Acid, Deck & Washing Brushes.

3 : Polystyrene Fiber

  • Synthetic Fiber Produced in the U.S.A.
  • Resistant to Acids and Detergents
  • Excellent "Memory", Flexibility, and Durability

Primary Uses: Pushbrooms

4 : Polypropylene Fiber

  • Synthetic Fiber Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Resistant to Petroleum Solvents, Acids, Caustics, and Detergents

Primary Uses: Push Brooms, Angle Brooms, Upright Brooms, Concrete Finishing Broom, Deck Brushes, Dish & Bowl Brushes, and a variety of other hand-held brushes.

5 : Palmyra Fiber

  • Origin is the Leaf Stalk of a Palm Tree Native to India
  • Natural Cinnamon-Color Fiber
  • Available in Prime Stiff and Medium Stiff Grades

Primary Uses: Pushbrooms, Gong or Fender Washing Brushes, Deck and Scrub Brushes. For Rough Surfaces.

6 : Nylex Fiber

  • Soft Synthetic Fiber Made in the U.S.A.
  • Resistant to Detergents

Primary Uses: Car Wash Brushes. For Delicate Surfaces.

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